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About Us

Aerial Chic is a boutique store featuring clothing designed especially for aerialists. A couple of years ago our owner, Tash, went searching for aerialist workout wear for classes and couldn't find any. So she started designing her own and Aerial Chic was born.

Our fitness wear is made from the highest quality fabrics with amazing stretch and recovery so they move with your body in the bendiest of poses and tricks and won't lose their stretch over time. The fabrics are digitally printed for crisp designs that won't fade. All of our designs are unique to Aerial Chic and can't be found in other stores.  

Environment & Sustainability

Aerial Chic is a family-run business and we care about protecting the environment for our children to grow in and enjoy in the future. We are conscious of the huge waste that exists in parts of the textile industry and do our best to avoid contributing to this.  To achieve this, we use a model where your clothing is produced only after you order them. This means there is much less production wastage than printing in bulk and fewer carbon miles for transportation of goods back and forth around the globe. It also means every order is printed and produced especially for you!

We hope you love our products as much as we do. We welcome feedback at any time via email at or through social media chat.